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Residential Homes


bulletClean the cabinets and appliances
bulletMove all small appliances and other items on your counter and clean the area thoroughly
bulletScour your sink and sweep and thoroughly mop your floor


bulletDust any ceiling fans, lights, mini-blinds and other high dusting
bulletClean wall decorations, pictures frames, light switches, window sills, doors and door trim
bulletSweep, mop and vacuum




bulletClean showers, tubs, toilet and sinks
bulletClean and disinfect all fixtures and treat any mildews
bulletClean mirrors and the shower door tracks
bulletClean the top of vanity item
bulletClean your bathroom cabinets doors and floors

Multifamily Apartments

bulletMulti-family units (Paint & clean carpets) Turn-key service
bulletPressure wash sidings
bulletPost construction clean-up




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